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Banking & Financial Services

How financial industries thrive in the economy is largely dependent on how accurate their customer data insight is.


From understanding the pulse of the markets to keeping up with the disruptive trends every day, financial sectors should also be equipped to handle huge amounts of customer data to enhance real time transactional experiences and maintain deeper customer relationships in a competitive digital space.




  • Accurate customer data enables efficient onboarding by pre-filling information and reducing manual entry.
  • Standardized customer data inputs facilitate validation checks and quality control in onboarding workflows.
  • Centralized customer profiles aid onboarding by providing a single source of truth across channels.
  • Unified customer data aids in more accurate fraud detection by detecting suspicious activity across customer engagement points.
  • Golden customer records enable applying appropriate fraud rules, checks and risk models tailored to specific customer types.
  • Complete information helps verify identities and ensure regulatory compliance around fraud prevention.
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  • Consistent customer information helps map data to required compliance reporting fields across regions for AML , Sanction Screening and identifying Ultimate Beneficiary Owners.
  • Documented customer data processes and controls ease audits for financial crimes and data privacy regulations.
  • Trusted master data accelerates certification processes for security standards around customer information handling.
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  • Reliable customer data maximizes operational efficiency through accurate order fulfillment and service delivery.
  • Standardizing customer data reduces exceptions and manual rework caused by incorrect information.
  • Golden records enable personalized, optimized experiences across channels to improve customer satisfaction.
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  • Unified profiles help deliver consistent omni-channel messaging and optimize cross-sell/up-sell campaigns per customer.
  • Trustworthy customer data enables more precise segmentation to target and personalize marketing content.
  • Complete 360-degree view of customers focuses engagement to maximize conversion across buyer journey.
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    Customer Service

  • Accurate customer records facilitate faster issue resolution from contextual understanding of each customer.
  • Integrated data platforms give agents a single view of customer interactions to deliver personalized service.
  • Resolving data inconsistencies helps prevent repeated mistakes and improves overall customer experience.
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    Solving the Toughest Data Challenges in Financial Services


    Identity resolution

    Resolve customer data identity and entity.


    Data Integrity

    Single record and single Id maintained for data from various sources.


    Actionable insights

    Screened, checked and authentic data can be used for real-time insights.


    Reduce Redundancy

    Duplicate data from different sources can be cleaned, checked, and integrated into a single customerID.


    Consumer Digital engagement

    Engage customer on digital platforms for campaigning financial opportunities and product adoptions.

    How PrimeMDM platform can help?

    • Authenticity:

      Single customer data may be accounted for multiple accounts or line of businesses. Resolving multiple customer datapoints into one Golden customer record helps to create one authentic single source of truth.

    • Customer Network:

      GroupID or familyID for customers within an employer group or family group can be connected and used for multiple financial use cases such as identifying ultimate beneficiary ownership.

    • Data Quality:

      Remove junk data and noise to enrich data quality for clean processed data for immediate and accurate real time processing and insights.

    • Data integrity:

      Customer data from different sources can be de-duped against each other for data integrity.


    • Customer Screening:

      Customer data can be screened and checked against watchlist data.

    • Fraud Risk management:

      Check against credit bureau data, guarantors, references, and securitization process for common customers and multiple applications.

    • Credit loss management:

      Reduce overleveraging customer data and multiple campaigns.


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