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Managing data Intelligently!
Customer Master Data Management solutions for ML driven 360 data transformation.

Deliver superior customer experiences with Lightweight, scalable and quickly deployable ML driven Customer Master Data Management.


PrimeMDM addresses the challenge of consolidating customer data from multiple business channels as enterprises grow. As customers interact with the organization across various channels, their data gets stored in silos, making it difficult to obtain a unified view.

To overcome this challenge, PrimeMDM creates a "golden record" or a single version of the truth for each customer. This record consolidates all interactions and information from different channels, ensuring that all connected business systems have access to a comprehensive and accurate view of the customer.

By delivering lightweight, scalable, and quickly deployable ML-driven Customer Master Data Management, PrimeMDM enables organizations to break down data silos and provide superior customer experiences. It ensures that customer data is efficiently managed, harmonized, and made available across the enterprise, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and deliver personalized interactions based on a complete understanding of each customer.


How it works


PrimeMDM is a platform for systematic approach that enables organizations to establish and maintain a single, accurate, and reliable source of master data across various systems and applications. It involves processes, tools, and policies that govern the creation, maintenance, and governance of critical data elements, such as customer, product, and location information.

PrimeMDM helps different industries to improve their data insights in decision-making and capitalize on business opportunities. By providing a consolidated and consistent view of data, PrimeMDM enhances data quality and integrity, ensuring that organizations make informed and data-driven decisions. Industries like retail, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing leverage PrimeMDM to gain a comprehensive understanding of their customers, products, and operations.

This, in turn, enables them to identify trends, uncover hidden patterns, and derive valuable insights that drive business growth and innovation. PrimeMDM empowers organizations to optimize their operations, personalize customer experiences, streamline supply chains, and identify new revenue streams, leading to competitive advantages and improved outcomes.

Features & Highlights

  • Backed by Powerful entity resolution engines from Posidex - Posidex indigenous products - Prime 360 & CLIP - Mathematical Models based on number theory - In-memory Analytics

  • Yielding High Recall & High Precision - Key measures required by an efficient Entity resolution engine

  • Tested and validated on Hundreds of Millions of records - Highly scalable

  • Highly Configurable - Flexibility in defining the rules for defining the scope, tolerance & degree of matching

  • Blazing speed - High performance - Can process millions of data in a few hours. Quick response time and high throughput.

  • Lower Hardware sizing compared to many other products

  • Low TCO & High ROI

  • Implemented and Validated by Industry giants across different verticals- Govt & Non Govt / Corporates

  • Database & OS agnostic

Why do you need CMDM?


Knowing & understanding your customer is fundamental to any business. The problem is that customer data is highly siloed, fragmented and difficult to access.


CDM solutions help identifying who your customers are, what they want & how they would like to be treated, so you can focus on building products & solutions to retain them and attract future growth.


A single view of the customer can be leveraged across the organization to drive insights and business intelligence, and elevate the customer experience, deepen customer loyalty.

Our Approach

We conduct a discovery phase to inventory client’s existing platforms and associated data sources to inform the Customer Data Platform. The new data model will allow for a single, 360-degree view of the customer that is actionable across the marketing, sales, and service.



Data quality issues

Maintaining accurate and up-to-date customer data. Our Entity resolution is crucial to creating a customer master.


Organizational silos

Lack of collaboration and communication between sales, marketing, customer service, and finance departments.


Data privacy and security

Ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and high-quality data for confident decision-making.


Scalability and agility

CMDM systems must be scalable to handle the growing data load.


Legacy systems and outdated processes

Difficulties in implementing effective CMDM strategies


Data migration and system integration

Migrating customer data from legacy systems and ensuring seamless integration with other business applications.


Data integration

Integrating data from various sources. The goal is to consolidate all customer interactions into a single, reliable record known as the "golden record" or the single version of the truth.


Data governance and stewardship

Defining roles and responsibilities, enforcing data governance practices, and ensuring data stewardship across departments


Cost and ROI considerations

Choose the best customer data platform for a productive ROI - Posidex Insights may be the right choice. Get a demo today!


  • Build Trust & Loyalty
  • Reduce Cost & Risk
  • Turn Insights into Growth
  • Increase Revenue & Retention
  • Enhance Brand Equity

PrimeMDM Platform allows clients to consolidate customer data from various sources and establish connections, enabling efficient operations and quick innovation. It provides a comprehensive view of customers, linking products and business lines to generate significant value for large and complex enterprises.

Our solution allows clients to manage customer data in real-time with exceptional accuracy and integrity; this strengthens various processes, including Customer Onboarding, KYC Due Diligence, Operations, Marketing, Fraud Detection, Risk Management, Compliance, and Customer Experience.

Customer Master Data Management Tools

Prime360 V2.2 (Real Time Search and Matching Engine) with Relationship Discovery Module (for identifying obvious and non-obvious linkages between records) with customer 360 degree view.
Clip V2.0 (Creation of Golden Records and Unique Customer Identification) With RCA.

Discover how to impact the customer experience and boost ROI with trusted data by choosing PrimeMDM platform.

At Posidex Insights, we understand the importance of delivering exceptional customer experiences while maximizing your return on investment. PrimeMDM empowers your organization with a centralized and reliable source of customer data, ensuring a unified view across all touchpoints. By eliminating data inconsistencies, duplicates, and errors, we enable you to deliver personalized marketing campaigns, improve customer service, and unlock cross-selling opportunities. With our robust data governance and quality management capabilities, you can trust that your data is accurate, consistent, and compliant. Experience streamlined processes, enhanced operational efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in the US market with PrimeMDM. Choose Posidex PrimeMDM and revolutionize your data-driven decision-making to drive business growth and success.


Industries We Serve

Our world-class technology backed solutions can be custom made for specific industry needs and standards.With Posidex Insights customer onboarding solutions, check off all the extensive processes involved in a frictionless onboarding experience such as what needs solving in your industry? Posidex Customer Master Data Management platform collects, integrates, verifies, enriches, manages, and governs customer data, by enabling you to gain a better understanding of your customers. Contact us, and we'll make your work easier!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The goal of customer data management or CMDM is to create a single unified view of customer data, governed and managed centrally. This single source of truth allows you to know your customer at a granular level and deliver experiences that earn their trust and foster loyalty. With CMDM you can convert users into customers, use data profiling to understand their behavior & preferences. Unify customer data form different sources and create omnichannel experiences from intelligent insights.
Absolutely! For example, our CMDM platform can minimize risks by matching against negative lists and fraud databases.
By employing data analytics to gain deep insights into customer behavior, organizations can create targeted campaigns to attract & retain potential audiences.
Our software screens against watchlists and conducts KYC & name scanning to ensure compliance.