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Highest quality customer data is needed for effective governance, compliance, and trusted insights. And to achieve a standard golden source, data needs accurate data matching and entity resolution solutions.

Entitymatch is our answer for cloud-based entity matching solution that facilitates hassle-free onboarding of customers by seamlessly linking records across millions of data points from disparate sources within seconds. This product automates authentication and validation of demographic details provided at the time of onboarding with that of KYC details.





It is a Cloud Solution and therefore, agnostic to hardware, applications, and operating systems.


Batch matching

Facilitates uploading a batch of records with no restriction on number of fields.


Multiple validations

Supports the validation of the input record with records obtained from multiple sources.


Accurate Matching

Proprietary matching algorithm to deliver results with high precision.


Ease of integration

Service is extended through simple REST API calls. This enables all the surround systems within an organization to automate their customer onboarding process/ payment processing.



Comes in a variety of plans to suit customer needs. Tailor made plans can also be designed to suit large clientele.


Cost Effective

Lower TCO, higher ROI and higher resource utilisation.



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1. Customer identity resolution

Resolve conflicting identities using Entitymatch and create a unified golden customer record.

2. Timely healthcare solutions

Ensure accurate Patient ID matching with EHR records for efficient healthcare diagnosis and timely treatment.

3. Fraud prevention solutions

Detect fraudulent activities such anomalous spending, multiple claims across several datasets.

4. Lower customer acquisition costs

Remove duplicates from contact lists, CRMs, and databases to avoid marketing expenditure on erroneous and redundant leads.

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Handle variety

Capable of meeting multiple needs of the Organization with its Real-time Entity Resolution Engine.



The Entity Resolution engine supports matching of several parameters with implicitly handling data quality issues to handle many possible variations in the demographic parameters.


Automated service

Automatic entity name matching during payment process can help in automating payment gateways.



Enables automatic validation of customer details vis a vis other data sets to give an authentic data and entity resolution.



Higher degree of control on matching, as it is highly customizable for defining match scores to get an idea of match authenticity.


Enriched information

Can derive enriched information of a customer from multiple data sets. Supports data from multiple data providers/ data sets.