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Customer 360 view with a difference.
Traditional customer view plus customer network analytics and enhanced due diligence in realtime at the same cost and time.


PrimeView eliminates data silos by extracting, analyzing, and consolidating data from diverse sources, resulting in a unified, holistic view of the customer.

Traditional database methods and data lakes have fallen short of providing a comprehensive, 360-degree customer view. PrimeView integrates a wide range of customer data encompassing transactions, interactions, and master data. Furthermore, it caters to all business domains and offers support for operational, real-time scenarios. In addition, data governance remains unaddressed, and the implementation process tends to be both time-consuming and expensive.





PrimeView customer 360 data model can access unlimited data volumes from multiple databases to identify and give a 360 degree customer view.



Our customer 360 solutions offer exhaustive dedupe parameters, search and match including building of your own matching rules to get the data.


Real-time support

Supports real-time identification, fraud detecting, customer data management, segmenting data into categories for business insights.


Contextual behavior

A complete view of the customer behavior gives the context of the behavior which might have been spread across multiple interactions, channels, platforms and timestamps.


Value spread across channels

PrimeView customer data management lets you uncover the value that was scattered across channels and could have been missed while stitching the pieces of information.


Customer profiling

Hassle-free integration with other solutions to check by matching with different watch lists to create a customer profile.


Leverage Insights

Insightful marketing strategies can be applied when the question of “who is the customer?” is a complete picture. Leveraging the insights to better target, acquire, and retain customers using personalization, understanding their challenges, overcoming through customer 360 solutions, creating new opportunities, and increasing ROIs.


An integrated and unified representation

PrimeView customer 360 data model resolves the most difficult problems of enterprise to integrate data from various systems into one unique identifiable customer 360 view which is a standard for further analysis.


Effective Analysis

An integrated view of customer makes it easy for analysis and fragmented information may not allow effective analytics.


How it works?

1. Ready-to-use configurable connectors for seamless integration and synchronization of data across all databases.

2. Scheduled batch and near-real-time updates from various source systems.

3. Empower your organization with a reliable, workflow-based master data management solution.

4. User-friendly interface allowing data stewards to effortlessly view and manage customer hierarchies.

5. Comprehensive dashboards to enhance cross-selling effectiveness, communication management, customer profitability, and more.

6. Leverage machine learning models for advanced functionalities like cross-selling, up-selling, next-best-action, fraud detection, and beyond.

7. Secure and user-friendly API framework enabling easy access to Primeview data and customer data for other applications.

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Real-time data integration

Integrate and unify customer data in real-time. Keep your customer data continually synced based on your specific business requirements.


Bird’s eye view of customer

Gain a comprehensive view of the customer that includes transactions, interactions, and master data.


Integration from all data sources

Access a wide range of channels to seamlessly connect with dozens of source systems. Whether it's relational or non-relational databases, legacy systems, SaaS applications, web services, or files, our platform can easily configure customer data from all sources to give a single customer view.


Customer golden record

Achieve a complete and accurate customer golden record through real-time matching, cleansing, and normalization of customer data with a single view.


Built-in data governance

Ensure data privacy compliance, screening and matching with customer data match lists. Uphold data quality and compliance by enforcing rules that guarantee the trustworthiness of customer data.


Open, modular, flexible

Our open customer view seamlessly integrates with any existing data and quick deployment into any data fabric architecture.