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Change the way you work with customer Data using Posidex Insights.

Solve Customer retention, loyalty and personalization challenges
with Technology.


"Retailers often collect data from various sources such as in-store purchases, online transactions, loyalty programs, and social media interactions. Integrating and consolidating this data into a single, unified view is required otherwise it would lead to missed opportunities for personalized marketing and customer service".





  • A 360-degree customer view helps create targeted campaigns across different platforms to drive higher ROI based on integrated insights into purchase behavior.
  • Unified customer profiles enable consistent messaging across touchpoints along with highly personalized product recommendations to boost conversion rates.
  • Integrated analytics on full customer data from CRM, e-commerce, and POS systems optimize customer segmentation and improve cross-sell/up-sell campaigns.
  • A single view of every customer interaction across devices helps justify marketing spends, especially on digital channels, to both management and regulators.
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    Customer Service

  • Consolidated customer data enables delivering prompt issue resolution as agents have complete order/service history with relevant transaction details handy.
  • Complete customer records minimize repetition of issues and improve experiences by resolving root causes of persistent data mismatches.
  • Customer 360 analytics helps identify top service pain points across touch points to prioritize process improvements for long term satisfaction.
  • Service channels integrated with customer master data management platforms provide standardized service metrics leveraging full customer context to make agents decisions aligned with desired outcomes.
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    Challenges in Retail


    Customer Data Management

    Create a single source of Master data from across data silos and streamline onboarding, regulatory and reporting processes through automation.


    Customer 360

    Single view of customers transactions, interactions and products can help drive customer personalization’s, experience and value addition by creating up-sells and cross-sells.



    Getting sneak peek into customer habits can help in optimizing costs, supplies and identification of products and policies.

    How PrimeMDM platform can help?

    • Stay ahead of competition:

      Deliver real-time insights based on customer preferences, and engagement for higher conversion rate and timely recommendations to stay ahead of competition.

    • Real-time operations:

      From the real-time transactions, immediate solutions in terms of new business strategies can help in preventing any major revenue leakages or process clogging.

    • Stronger ROIs on marketing investments:

      Rethink your marketing strategies from data-driven standpoints.

    • Targeted efforts:

      With customer data solutions, you can access and identify the target segments for relevant marketing campaigns so that the right product is communicated to the right audience.


    • Get Data-driven recommendations:

      Consistent datapoints and accurate customer touchpoints can drive hyper-personalization and help achieve instant customer acquisitions and higher customer loyalty.

    • Compliance and security:

      Compliance, privacy, and regulations are easily tracked through our platform.


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