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The World's Most Exceptional Solution for Data Deduplication and Data Matching.

Posidex Insights’ SetMatch is a powerful data matching solution that specializes in bulk data deduplication and clustering. It excels in the critical task of identifying duplicate entities within a given dataset that share matching information. In today's data-driven world, deduplicating a single dataset or linking multiple datasets has become increasingly vital during the data preparation phase of various data mining projects.

An Innovative Solution that takes Data Matching to the Next Level

Traditional data matching solutions perform record matching sequentially within a database. Each record is compared against all other records in the set, resulting in a slow and resource-intensive process. However, when dealing with large volumes of data, this approach becomes almost impossible due to its inherent quadratic complexity. For example, deduplicating a dataset of 10 million records using traditional methods could take an estimated 4 months, even if individual queries return results quickly.
To address this challenge, Posidex Insights introduced the Bulk Deduplication and Clustering (BDC) engine, an innovative solution that takes data matching to the next level. With advanced techniques derived from mathematics, statistical methods, and machine learning, the BDC engine aggregates extensive datasets into multiple sets of clusters, enabling efficient and lightning-fast matching.


Advanced Algorithms and Innovative Techniques

SetMatch Engine is a powerful solution designed to facilitate data deduplication and matching for vast amounts of data. With its advanced algorithms and innovative techniques, it enables efficient clustering and generates a Customer Master table, often referred to as the Golden Record. However, this process is not without its challenges and issues, including:

  • Gigantic Task with Trillions of Comparisons
  • Complexity with Names and Multiple Addresses
  • Resource-Intensive Process
  • Potential Network Clogging

SetMatch employs an innovative approach to address this problem, with the following salient features:

  • Based on set theory principles
  • Utilizes persistent Java objects to cache essential matching inputs
  • Clusters records with identical features and creates nested sets
  • Instead of individually comparing records against a target, sets are compared for likeness. If they are similar, the corresponding elements are sent for detailed matching.
  • Significantly reduces the major bottleneck in the process by minimizing I/O operations with the database.
  • Incorporates the powerful PrimeMatch engine for name matching.
  • Offers exceptional speed compared to conventional matching methods.

Key Features

  • The ability to transform data from disparate sources:

    SetMatch can handle data from various sources, making it easier to consolidate and integrate diverse datasets.

  • Flexible in building the matching rules:

    Users have the flexibility to define and customize matching rules according to their specific requirements.

  • Multi-clustering to target high Recall & Precision:

    SetMatch employs advanced clustering techniques to achieve high accuracy and completeness in identifying and grouping similar records.

  • Splitting/merging/Realignment of clusters:

    Users can split, merge, and realign clusters to refine the grouping of records and improve the accuracy of the matching process.


  • GUI for different tasks:

    SetMatch provides a user-friendly graphical interface that simplifies tasks such as user management, cluster rule building, cluster navigation, and verification processes.

  • Merging of clusters to form golden/master record:

    Clusters can be merged to create a single golden or master record that represents the most accurate and complete version of the data.

  • Provision to manually merge :

    Reduce overleveraging customer data and multiple campaigns.SetMatch allows users to manually merge records when needed, giving them control over the merging process and ensuring data accuracy.




Enhanced Matching Quality

The BDC engine leverages sophisticated algorithms to improve matching quality. By combining various mathematical and statistical methods, it ensures accurate identification of duplicate records. This eliminates data redundancy, improves data quality, and enhances overall decision-making processes.


Efficient Clustering

Through intelligent clustering techniques, the BDC engine organizes data into clusters based on similarity. This streamlines the matching process, enabling comprehensive analysis and extraction of meaningful insights. By clustering related data points, you can uncover hidden patterns and gain a holistic understanding of your data.


Performance and Efficiency

SetMatch's BDC engine is designed for high performance and efficiency. It significantly reduces the time required for deduplication and record linkage, even when working with extremely large datasets. With its optimized algorithms and data handling capabilities, SetMatch delivers exceptional speed and efficiency, empowering organizations to make timely and informed decisions.


Cross-Database Deduplication

The BDC engine excels at deduplicating data across heterogeneous databases. It can match partial identities and identify duplicate records, even when dealing with disparate data sources. This enables organizations to achieve comprehensive deduplication and maintain data integrity across various systems and platforms.

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